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My Body and Spirit was developed to help you in obtaining an alternative option for dental treatment and cosmetic surgery overseas, instead of having treatment in your own country.

We are passing on our experiences to enable you to have your dental treatment or cosmetic surgery treatment at a fraction of the price you would pay in your home country. It is not all work; you do get time to have a bit of a holiday as well.

Not only can you save on dental treatment and cosmetic surgery , but there is great savings on other treatments like Lasik eye surgery , skin treatments , cancer check up and general well-being check up.

We have many satisfied clients that are only too happy to talk to you about their experience and pass on their advice to you.

My Body and Spirit uses Noosa Travel for all our travel arrangements, which is a fully licensed Australian travel agent and member of the Travel Compensation Fund. Noosa Travel has been booking My  Body & Spirit clients travel arrangements for the past 7 years.  So we take care of all your travel arrangements for you and make sure everything is co-ordinated..

How it all works, we ...
  • Book your flights
  • Book your airport transfers
  • Book your accommodation
  • Book your appointments for your treatment
  • Complete your hospital registration
  • Confirm your transfers from your hotel to the hospital for your appointments in Phuket

Just 3 Easy steps ...

1) Email or give us a call, we will give you the information we require to have a medical assessment done for you. We will recommend how long you need to be away to suit your treatment and confirm the price of your treatment.

2) Advise when you would like to travel. We will give you a quote for flights and accommodation to suit your budget and standards.

3) When you are ready to book. We will make all of your reservations including your treatment appointments.

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