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Thailand plastic surgery packages



Why go overseas?

Here’s Why



by world class surgeons
& dental specialists


More than 17 years
in medical holidays


50 – 70% OFF
Australian prices


Now that international travel is back in full swing, now is the time to consider your options for getting that beautiful smile that you have always wanted or get your body back in shape with some plastic surgery. We offer travel to India, Vietnam or Thailand for medical treatment so give us a call to assist you with your planning. 


Recently, we have had to explain how our we do our assessments.  We ALWAYS email through the information directly to the hospital and have a surgeon review a case for plastic surgery.  We wait for his expert advice and then pass on to the client as a written quote.

For dental treatment, we email direct to the dental department and one of the dentists will review the case and give their expert advice on what they recommend for the client’s treatment.

This does take anywhere from 3-7 days but it is worth the wait, to make sure that you are getting the best advice.  We don’t  just quote you from a price list.


FACT: Thailand offers 3 of the world’s most
Professional and Acclaimed Hospitals

Feel good about your treatment, your holiday and more importantly, Yourself!

So Why Choose Thailand, Vietnam or India for Medical Procedures?

Medical, Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Treatments and procedures in Australia can be quite expensive. My Body and Spirit offers an affordable and quality alternative for professional Dental Treatments and Plastic Surgery Holidays to Thailand, Vietnam & India. Since 2005, we have been planning tailor made individual trips and escorted group tours for plastic surgery, dental and eye vision surgery to Thailand including Bangkok and Phuket. And later added India and Vietnam medical facilities for our clients.  You can save, quite literally 1000’s on these treatments and afterwards relax and recoup, enjoying a holiday at the same time.

How Does It Work?

My Body & Spirit is a travel agent and booking coordinator for various hospitals in Thailand, Vietnam & India. We have been referring people to Thailand’s top 3 dental and medical hospitals since 2005. We are very experienced in the industry and have formed excellent relationships with some of the most reputable hospitals in Phuket & Bangkok (Thailand), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) and Mumbai (India). You pay for all of your medical and dental treatment directly to the hospital and it doesn’t cost you any more to book your treatment with us.

So What Does My Body & Spirit Offer?

We help you choose the hospital, the doctor and the treatment that best suits your needs. With over 40 years travel industry experience + 1000’s of very happy customers, we take care of all of your travel arrangements including flights, hotels, transfers, travel insurance and your medical appointments. Everything is coordinated and organised for you. We know what Australians expect from their medical experience and we liaise with your chosen hospital to ensure the best outcome for you. If you have any queries when you return to Australia, we are here to liaise with the hospital. We will always offer our experience, caring attitude and professionalism.

Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Dental Holidays

Since 2005

What Started it All?

We are passing on our experiences to enable you to have your dental treatment or plastic surgery treatment at a fraction of the price you would pay in Australia. It is not all work; you do get time to enjoy a holiday while you rest ~ recoup and recover. Not only can you save on dental treatment and plastic surgery, but there is great savings on other treatments like Refractive Lens Exchange eye surgery, Lasik eye surgery, skin treatments, and general well-being check ups.

Happy My Body & Spirit Customers

“I doubt that you will find a more caring business than My Body & Spirit. Having travelled twice to India, I could not have been in safer hands. All my dental work is now completed. It is not just dental work that is taken care, but accommodation, when taxis are arriving to take you to your dental appointments, seeing the city, markets, tours and sights. Going out for meals together if you want to. Even where to go and get your washing done. You really do become a group of friends travelling together not a group of people doing something in common.”

Gina B, Proserpine


See the sights of BEAUTIFUL THAILAND