The My Body and Spirit concept began in August 2005.

In April 2004, my husband had been to our dentist for a dental assessment and had come out with a quote for A$25,000.00. We were quite amazed with the quote and wondered how we were going to afford to pay for it. We did have private health cover but as we found out we could only claim about A$1,000/year on dental. We were holidaying in Thailand in July that year, and decided once we were there, that we would look at the possibility of having the dental treatment done there. We knew that you could get dental done cheaply in Thailand, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

After investigating, we decided Thailand was the best place for John to have his dental, in particular Phuket. In April 2005, he did his first trip for dental treatment.The international standard hospital was fantastic and so modern, doormen waiting to greet you on arrival and open the taxi door, inside more staff waiting to assist you to the right area of the hospital you require, plenty of staff to assist you with any enquiry, and the doctors all speak English so pretty easy to communicate. The whole process was excellent and John came home totally satisfied with his dental treatment. His dental took about 6 weeks as he had major work and ended up costing A$5,500.00 and he got a holiday as well.

We thought there must be a lot of other Australians that are in the same situation and just can’t afford to pay to have their dental treatment in Australia. We sent our first client in August 2005, and we have progressively been sending more and more people.

We have first hand experience in dental treatment, plastic surgery and eye vision surgery, so we can pass on our experiences to you.  Refractive Lens Exchange eye surgery is very exciting and is becoming very popular. I had this surgery in 2012.  Bangkok Hospital Phuket has been doing this surgery for the past 6 years with a very experienced eye surgeon. If you are over 50 years old and want to be rid of glasses, this surgery is for you.

So our whole concept is All about You, taking care of your body, looking and feeling good with dental treatment, cosmetic surgery, eye vision surgery,  weight loss or taking part in one of the many health retreats we have picked out throughout Australasia to improve your health and well-being.

Barbara Sheriff

Barbara Sheriff – Director