Vietnam Price List

All prices in US Dollars

Please note that these prices are from prices.


Veneers USD 350- 375/tooth
Crowns USD 300- 450/tooth
Root Canal Treatment USD 150- 250/tooth
Post USD 20/tooth
Night Mouth Guard USD 200/unit
Implant- Nobel Biocare USD 1550/implant
Temporary Denture USD 1000/piece
Bone Graft USD 200- 300/implant
Sinus Lift USD 300- 800/side
Cleaning- General USD 20- 33
Cleaning – Deep USD 50/quadrant
Zoom whitening USD 200
Home whitening USD 75
Fillings- White composite USD 20- 30/filling
Extraction USD 50- 150/tooth
IV Sedation USD 300


Face Lift USD 2,863
Face & Neck Lift USD 4,185
Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery USD 1,101
Brow Lift USD 881
Breast Augmentation USD 3,304
Breast Lift with Implants USD 4,405
Tummy Tuck USD 3,084