Written Testimonials

March 2020- Mumbai Escorted Group

I recently joined the Mumbai group for stage 1 of my dental treatment. All I can say is that I am glad that I chose to do this through My Body & Spirit. The service and treatment that I have received so far from My Body & Spirit has been impeccable. They have gone over and above and I was looked after so well; it has been like being part of a big family. Thank you. Looking forward to stage 2.

Fiona S, QLD 

March 2020- Mumbai Escorted Group

I believe Barb went above and beyond in her support for individuals on the tour and made a magnanimous effort to ensure we were safe and ready with our tours and that we all arrived home safe and sound following the pandemic crisis. Barb’s concern for us continued after we returned to our Aussie shores. She was incredible as were her employees back in Australia who efficiently and effectively coordinated our specific and unforeseen needs during the pandemic crisis.

March 2020- Mumbai Escorted Group 

I can highly recommend Noosa Travel/My Body & Spirit and Barb as a tour facilitator. The support and service each and every one of us received was highly professional, well considered, thoughtful, patient, unwavering and genuine. Noosa Travel will now be my preferred travel agent for future holidays/tours etc.

Desley B

November 2019 & March 2020- Mumbai Escorted Group

I doubt that you will find a more caring business than My Body & Spirit. Having travelled twice to India, I could not have been in safer hands. All my dental work is now completed. It is not just dental work that is taken care, but accommodation, when taxis are arriving to take you to your dental appointments, seeing the city, markets, tours and sights. Going out for meals together if you want to. Even where to go and get your washing done. You really do become a group of friends travelling together not a group of people doing something in common.

Gina B, Proserpine

July 2019 & February 2020- Dental

As a novelist it was great to have My Body & Spirit take care of the perplexity associated with medical holidays. The team at My Body & Spirit is very experienced and was very helpful organising all travels, nice accommodation, liaising with doctors and hospital staff as well as facilitating overseas payment for treatment. The team made realistic suggestions and took a consultative approach putting it all together. In all it was a good experience and I am all smiles.

Fred S, Toowoomba 

February 2020- Dental 

My partner and I recently travelled to Mumbai for dental treatment which was organised through My Body & Spirit. My partner has spent the past 15 years of his life hiding his smile not only from the world, but from me too. My Aunty referred me to My Body & Spirit since having dental work carried out a few years ago. We started speaking with My Body & Spirit in mid-January 2020 and by mid February 2020 my partners life had changed forever. We were flown to India to meet with an amazing team of experienced doctors and nurses who couldn’t have been more kind and helpful, not to mention he had no pain at all! We can’t thank My Body & Spirit enough for what they’ve done for us. Without their help we would have never been able to afford to have this dental work carried out in Australia and we would have no idea where to start looking if we tried to do it ourselves overseas! Thank you, you’ve changed our lives!

October 2019- Dental

My dental work in Saigon organised by Barbara at Noosa Travel was a total success. I met a wonderful, friendly and effective team at the hospital and have had a thoroughly enjoyable holiday in wonderful Vietnam.

Ian, Victoria

March 2019 & October 2019- Dental 

We needed extensive dental work done. A friend told us about Barb at My Body & Spirit. Barb took the hassle out of everything. We decided to get treatment in Vietnam. I had bone grafting and 10 dental implants; 6 on the bottom and 4 on top. No pain at all. The staff at the dental centre were very efficient and professional. My partner had a bone graft and dental implant plus one bridge. We have been to Vietnam for two trips; March & October 2019, and couldn’t speak more highly of first the way Barb arranged the whole package and second, the excellent service and professionalism from the dental centre. The cost was 40% of the Australian quote. Plus we had two holidays in Vietnam. Highly recommend!

Deborah, QLD

January 2020- Dental & Plastic Surgery

At first I was nervous and excited to be embarking on this invasive, self-improvement work. Trusting the logistics to Noosa Travel/My Body & Spirit was easy and the process to follow in getting there was straight forward with guidance from Barbara and Kirra. Great information was given with the travel documentation before departure which was extremely useful once on the ground. The Ho Chi Minh dental and plastic surgery hospital is very much a “1st world standard” facility with a superb standard of hygiene, expertise and competency of practitioners. This is in no doubt after the first visit! I found the Vietnamese staff very welcoming, easy to talk to and highly courteous, compassionate and accommodating to all needs. The facility is a “one stop shop” for medical procedures, which takes the hassle factor away and streamlines the process no matter what you are having done, be it blood tests, x-rays, consultations or surgery. The equipment is modern and other facilities pleasing. I chose all my teeth being Zirconia crowns (no implants) plus an upper blepharoplasty during my 2 week visit. The dentistry work commenced first, followed by the eye surgery. Do allow plenty of recovery time from bruising and the procedures themselves, so a comfortable hotel room/facilities is important. I am absolutely delighted with the end results and only regret not doing this sooner. I feel far more confident and content within myself and after the initial getting used to the different look and feel of my new teeth and eyes, know that it was the right decision.

Don’t hesitate!

Helen, Mackay QLD 

November 2019- Mumbai Escorted Group Departure
This was my first medical trip and I would recommend it to anyone contemplating having dental work performed at a top level by very experienced and gentle dentists. The group was well run and nothing was left to chance. Barb was very hands on and looked out for every individual from conferring with the dentists on any uncertainties with dental procedures and making sure our needs were looked after both medically and financially. We had some fun times as well with some great meals out at various different restaurants. Some of the group did tours and my impression of Mumbai is of it being vibrant, alive and colourful- the people being very gentle and inquisitive.
My teeth have never looked better and it has given me the confidence to smile more.
Faye B

November 2019- Mumbai Escorted Group Departure
An amazing experience. One of the best decisions I have ever made. I was lucky enough to be part of a group that travelled to Mumbai. All the staff at the dental centre were just wonderful. Thank you
Gina B, Proserpine 

October 2019- Dental
The experience was great and the outcome superb. The clinic is inviting and friendly. The dentists were trying to produce an excellent outcome, not the fastest. I highly recommend.
John B, Melbourne

October 2019- Dental
Would like to send my thanks for the great work you all did for my trip to Phuket. Your organisation and set up of my dental appointments and transport to the dental hospital was excellent. The hospital was superb and the staff were super warm, friendly and very helpful. I couldn’t have achieved any of this without My Body and Spirit’s expertise and will definitely come back for any further travel.
Genie, South Australia

May 2019- Dental 
Late 2017 I broke my upper bridge in the front of my mouth. Dentures were provided at this time but I took an immediate dislike. Around April I entertained the thought of implants and gathered a number of quotes in Sydney and was gobsmacked at the values and the unknown work that also may be required. Mid May, I commenced researching websites in Thailand and although finding this less expensive, it was difficult to determine apples and oranges and what was good and bad. A few days later I turned on my computer to continue and up came the website My Body & Spirit, an Australian company organising Asian dental holidays. Wow. Things moved very quickly over the next two weeks with numerous phone calls and emails with three quotes being placed in front of me one of which, was Vietnam which I chose. The first week of June, I received a bone graft and two implants in Saigon. Twelve months later, I have had two wonderful trips to Vietnam, being treated in a world class facility by skillful and considerate dentists. The cost!! Including accommodation, travel, expenses and dental was less than half of what it was going to cost me in Australia. And don’t get me started on the people, culture, food and sites. Just superb. Am I happy? Sure am!
Pat H, Penrith 

April 2019- Dental
We felt anxious before our treatment due to the large amount of dental work we were having done. However, on arrival at the dental hospital and after our initial consultation, we felt very relaxed due to the professional and friendly doctors and staff. Even though there was a language barrier, the staff took time (on a daily basis) to explain the procedure and outcomes. We should have attended to our teeth years earlier!
Helen & Jon, Caloundra 

April 2019- Dental 
I went as a solo traveler. Chosen hotel was faultless, dental clinic is impressive with welcoming and efficient staff. Had two half days of root canals on five molars, then three appointments for crown prep and one extraction, then a few days away in Da Nang. Crowns and bridges were then fitted/adjusted. Barb and her team did a great job of looking after all details and needs that I had. Thanks.
Rob, NSW

March 2019- Dental
Both my husband and I needed extensive dental work that would have been prohibitive in Australia due to the high cost of dentistry here. We have been researching overseas dental options for some time now, and while surfing the internet, Greg found My Body & Spirit’s website. We are so glad he did as it ended our search, introduced us to Barb and took us to amazing Mumbai. From the word go My Body & Spirit arranged everything possible, including quotes from Thailand, Vietnam and India, our airfares, visas, accommodation, transfers and dental appointments. The dental team in Mumbai were exemplary. They were professional, informative, caring and they strove for and achieved perfection in everything they did. We cannot speak highly enough of them. We went to Mumbai as part of a group tour and thoroughly enjoyed the company of our fellow group members. Barb did a fantastic job of looking after us all and making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible. When we weren’t at the clinic getting treatment, she was taking us to interesting places and going on fun adventures together. Mumbai itself was a wonderful place to visit. It is clean, has some beautiful architecture, the people are friendly and helpful and although the traffic is total chaos, at least you get the chance to have a look around. We would not hesitate in recommending anyone who is considering overseas dental work to go to India using My Body & Spirit’s expertise and knowledge.
Kerri & Greg M, NSW

February 2019- Dental 
Like many people, I was nervous about having dental treatment overseas and in my case with weakened bones and teeth after radio therapy for throat cancer. The dentist even rang Australia to speak with my doctor before commencing dental work to put my mind at rest. I am totally happy with the dental work, the staff, my hotel and the service that My Body & Spirit provided. Thank you
Steve G, QLD 

May 2018 – Dental
I contacted My Body & Spirit after being assessed by a periodontist in Melbourne. The cost of treatment here was unrealistic for me. I knew of some friends who had experienced dental, cosmetic & Eye Surgery in Phuket. My Body & Spirit organised everything for me & were really helpful in meeting my needs. A wonderful team of ladies, the hospital doctors & staff were very professional, meticulous and friendly. If it is possible to enjoy a dental holiday then I would encourage others to do what I did.
Bob, Melbourne

May 2018 – Dental
An excellent experience to get the dental work done. Going through My Body & Spirit/Noosa Travel have me the confidence to attempt this sort of dental work. There are many other dental places in Phuket as I drove around however going to dentists that have been used before through My Body & Spirit lowers the risk factor of having problems. You have the details down well & are very experienced to give excellent services with enough time to get the procedures done.
Terry, Hope Island

April 2018 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
So blessed to have found My Body & Spirit who took all the stress out of a process I found extremely daunting, especially being a woman travelling alone. The group booking experience was just perfect for me & honestly couldn’t have been happier with the very excellent service provision from initial contact onward. Many Thanks!
Tracy Y, Gold Coast

April 2018 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
As a couple, initially one of us was a little skeptical but after the first dental treatment. We were assured that the dentist and team were highly skilled, professional & delivering a service from a state of art hospital. Very happy with the result and we will definitely return to complete the dental plan.
John & Helen C

April 2018 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Just back from a two week dental holiday in Phuket and I’m thrilled with my new “smile”, not to mention the fact that I’ve saved thousands of dollars by having the work done in Thailand!
I was really impressed with the high standard of the hospital and the dental staff who were all very professional and caring.
A big thank you to Barb Sheriff for organising everything from our appointments, transfers to and from the hospital and sightseeing on our free days and for making it all happen so smoothly.
Great trip. Highly recommend it! 
Sue G, Sunshine Coast

February 2018 – Dental

Initially when inquiring about dental treatment there was some apprehension, you know stories that you hear. The professional way the team at “My Body & Spirit” handled my questions and the information, their punctuality & testimonials on the website convinced me it was worth a try. Even my regular dentist & GP had good things to say not to mention the reduced expense with a holiday to boot!
I stop short of making a recommendation but have told family & friends that I could not be happier with quality of the dental work (& I am a health Professional) & the other arrangements from accommodation and organisational point of view were first class. I’m looking forward to returning to have an implant crowned. Only wish I could have had this done years ago & not had to be so self-conscious of my smile all my life!!
John G, Sydney

February 2018 – Dental
Barb organised a fabulous trip to Phuket for my wife & I for dental work. Barb advised on and organised the pre-assessments and our treatment plans were both very sophisticated in terms of technology and very affordable, at less than half the price of Australia. I was amazed with the proficiency and care at the hospital. Barb took care of all the details in terms of accommodation, transfers and a side trip to Bangkok. We combined a holiday with amazing dental work and came back with both souvenirs and new teeth. I would highly recommend My Body & Spirit!
Ian K, Sydney

January 2018 – Dental
My partner and I recently returned from Phuket. We both had dental work done. My doctor was wonderful, he was gentle and professional. We had the work done over 2 weeks, with 4 appointments. Gail at My Body & Spirit organised all our appointments and transfers to the hospital. I have always disliked my smile but the cost in Australia to fix my teeth was just too expensive. I had damaged my top front teeth after years of grinding and I had a lot of gaps. They were also very discoloured, so I also had Zoom Whitening on the bottom teeth. My dentist matched the porcelain teeth to my bottom teeth perfectly. I also got a mouth guard to wear while sleeping to protect my teeth at a fraction of what it costs in Sydney. Amazingly the experience was relatively painless as well! I am very happy with my teeth now and no longer hide my smile.

Gail from My Body & Spirit was fantastic. It was great to have Gail organise everything for us; the initial dental assessment, flights, accommodation, transfers & the dental appointments. It made the whole process very easy. I highly recommend My Body & Spirit.
Kirstin, Sydney

October 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I’ve recently returned from having dental treatment in Phuket with My Body & Spirit. I was one of 7 in the October 2017 group having treatment, four of us having dental. I was a bit apprehensive with having my treatment done overseas thanks to the negative feedback on media. After hearing of a number of people having dental work done in Thailand, I decided to go ahead with it. From the first call I made to Barb at MBS to the days following my return, Barb & Rhi have been amazing. The girls are quick to return calls and emails and answer any questions I had no matter how trivial. Everything was organised and presented to us right down to the finest detail, to make the whole travel/treatment experience worry free. The transport to/from the hospital was arranged for you and someone was there to help you every step of the way. The staff at the hospital were friendly and very professional making the whole process in regards to the treatment faultless and pain free (amazingly 🙂 ). It says a lot about our system here in Australia. I have to go back again for the second stage of my treatment next year and Rhi is on top of the arrangements for that already with the flights and accommodation quoted the following day to my making a call to her. Rhi was our group escort in October and she made the whole two weeks feel like we were on a VIP holiday 🙂 . She was there for every one of us personally and as a group escort organising day tours, dinners, night entertainment, etc. All we had to worry about was meeting in the lobby at a certain time. If anyone is considering going to Thailand for Medical treatment I would personally recommend it, and if you want a 5 star company to organise that for you, give Barb and her girls a call at My Body & Spirit/Noosa Travel, you’ll be so happy you did, I was… 🙂
Louisa G, Maroochydore

October 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I attended the October 2017 group tour for dental work. My expectations were exceeded in the work performed by my dentist and his assistant. It was relatively pain free and I am totally happy with the outcome after years of ‘hating’ my teeth and smile. The tour group led by Rhi was well organised with nights at restaurants and shows if you wished. Everyone got on well and look forward to catching up with all again. I could only recommend to anyone considering treatment to talk to the crew from MBS for a memorable experience.
Gary M, Tweed Heads

September 2017 – Plastic Surgery
I cannot speak highly enough about the professional, friendly and knowledgeable assistance that Barbara and her team give to their clients. Since my dental trip 3 years ago i have become a willing spokes person for the services that they offer. I will be doing this even more after my facial corrective and cosmetic surgery. Barbara thinks of everything and has extensive knowledge of all the steps necessary to ensure that each client receives the help and support that they need. She will even send emails to clarify procedures or ask additional questions of the doctors on behalf of a client. I was saved from making an expensive mistake when I asked Barbara whether it would be okay to visit Chiang Mai after my surgery. She wisely recommended going there first.

September 2017 – Plastic Surgery
My experience was fantastic. From the organisation of surgeries to flights, to accommodation, everything went so smoothly. The hospital experience was brilliant and cannot fault the nurses, doctors and staff that I had contact with. Their beside manner was fantastic. I was kept informed every step of the way.

The booking experience was painless. Rhi was fantastic in getting all our details sorted and all we did was send off all the paperwork required and the rest was done for us.

The cost of everything was extremely reasonable and I thoroughly recommend the whole experience. Brilliant.
Leigh C, Brisbane

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I went for dental work and was amazed how professional and clinically safe the experience was all my doubts of any risk were completely resolved the moment I arrived.
Thank you My Body and Spirit I will be back !!!
Dianne J, Perth

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Last week I returned from a 2 week dental holiday in Phuket. I was very apprehensive about the whole trip as I am very nervous about all dental work. However, I realised I really needed to have the work done. Friends told me about their wonderful experience & encouraged me to sign up. My Body & Spirit at Tewantin, Qld were fabulous. Barb Sheriff & her husband John accompanied our group of about 14 people, took control of all transfers, any questions etc, as well as organised social trips & best places to eat. The experience was totally positive, even the time in the chair! It really was a wonderful holiday.
Thank you Barb, John & the lovely group of people I shared the experience with. Also the wonderful staff at the hospital. They were all extremely talented professionals as well as gentle, lovely people. Highly recommend.

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
My teeth had progressively worsened over the past eight years. Not only did I have a very large overbite, but my front teeth had large gaps between them.
I rarely smiled, and when I did I was guarded and aware of the abysmal state of my teeth. I would not have believed it but apparently this made me very guarded and unwilling to meet with people. i would say this affected my existence beyond simply having a few crooked teeth.
When I arrived at my dentist’s consulting room at the hospital, the dentist was rather taken back when examining my teeth personally, as the photo and x-rays had not given him a real appreciation of the problem that needed to be overcome.
However I truly believe my dentist is a genius, and overcome these problems he did, and now I have teeth and a smile with new energy.
I would not have been able to undertake such restorative, dental work in Australia as the expense would have been prohibitive for me, but going to Thailand has given me everything I had hoped.
This has been a truly fantastic and eye-opening experience and I have nothing but superlatives to offer to everyone at My Body & Spirit, who literally took care of every single eventuality, and to everyone at the hospital.
Luisa V, Brisbane

July 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
From the time I was picked up from  the airport to the time I was dropped off for my return flight, the service from the hospital I was attending was over and beyond expectation. They made sure that I was there for every appointment on time, and that I was returned safely back.
Kevin A, Warwick

July 2017 – Dental
I needed extensive dental work done and the cost in Melbourne was out of my reach. I researched getting my dental work done overseas and after many months of research chose My Body & Spirit. I was extremely nervous about going overseas to do this and with the help of friends in  the dental industry we put both My Body & Spirit and the hospital under the microscope. With all the questions and emails we sent they all came back positive. I had my dental done in 2 lots, 2 weeks in January 2017 and 2 weeks in July 2017. I saved over $35,000.00 and that includes the 2 lots of 2 weeks flights and accommodation. I am very happy with the dental work done. The whole experience was very professional.
Vincent L, Melbourne

June 2017 – Dental
My Body & Spirit took the hassle out of everything, they made my trips to Phuket for Dental Surgery pain free (so to speak). They organise everything. I recommend going with the Groups – it is a lot of fun and my dentist is amazing, he is very particular and great at his job.
Kathy B, Ballina 

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Travelled on an Escorted Group Tour and this made for an excellent experience. Got great results from my dental work and had a great time with my fellow travellers – would recommend. 🙂
Glenn H, Milawa

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
One dental holiday to Phuket was fantastic. We have already told a lot of friends that it is worth looking into if you want your teeth done. Barbara Sheriff was a fantastic host and to be in a group was really good as you get support from others going through the same thing and having wonderful dinners together. Thank you My Body & Spirit.
John & Jenny L, Tanawha

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery
Recently went on an escorted trip to Phuket with My Body & Spirit for cosmetic surgery. The whole experience was very positive and I am thrilled with my outcome. From my highly qualified doctor, kind and caring nurse staff, and clean, modern hospital, I felt confident and comfortable. Having everything planned, and so well organised, was for me the best decision. All I had to do was relax, and rest in beautiful surroundings. I was well looked after.
Robyn J, Noosa

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I had been putting off my dental work for a couple of years & was so apprehensive, unnecessarily as it turned out! Everything was amazing! From our accommodation, to the treatment, my fellow toothies, the adventures, parties, food & of course, Barb & John, who were the best. Absolutely recommended!! One of the best holidays of my life!
Tansy G, Noosa

April 2017 – Escorted Group Departure – Eye Vision Surgery
I was lucky enough to hear about this opportunity through my mother, and My Body & Spirit provided me with the information and details. When I decided to go ahead and get it done, every last thing was taken care of for me – in terms of all the appointments, cost breakdown, transport, accommodation, etc – as well being part of a wonderful group of like minded people. It was a means to an end in getting 20/20 vision back, as well as having a wonderful holiday at the same time. I can’t recommend it highly enough! Just fabulous!
Deena G, Western Downs

April 2017 – Dental
I would highly recommend going to Phuket for dental treatment. The professionalism and quality of care was top notch. I am very pleased with the result & would like to thank Rhi & the team at My Body & Spirit for organising the travel & treatment plan for me.
Stephen, Cooroy

March 2017 – Dental
Although my decision to have major dental work in Thailand was met with doubts by my dentist & doctor in Brisbane, I was extremely pleased with the work done by my dentist in Phuket. My own dentist was impressed.
Ross H, Brisbane

February 2017 – Dental 
I can’t thank My Body Spirit enough for your professionalism and kindness in organising my dental holiday. I have already recommended your services to family and friends and couldn’t be more satisfied . Thank you so much.
Ken H, Gold Coast

October 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I was on the October 2016 group tour to Phuket for dental work. I highly recommend using My Body & Spirit for group tours. Barb was fantastic and took all the stress out of the experience. The doctors and staff at the hospital were very caring and efficient with my treatments and I’m very happy with the results. The tours that Barb organised for us were excellent and I appreciated the personalised shopping experience and tips on bartering.
Rowena U, Canberra

October 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I required dental work to be done and had been recommended by a friend, the company My Body and Spirit, Noosa Travel. I went on the October group to Phuket and from start to finish I can honestly say everything ran smoothly. All appointments, taxi service to and from hospital, meeting the group for meals and tours were well organised and professionally managed. I felt totally at ease with my work being carried out and would highly recommend going to Phuket for dental work. The staff worked at the highest standard and quality of workmanship puts Australia to shame. I found everything about this trip so professional and great quality that I will no longer be having any dental work carried out in Australia. To have two weeks holiday, meet new friends and get all my dental work done at the same time for half the price as you would pay here, is definitely the way to go. Well done and thank you My Body and Spirit for making dental work a pleasure.
Shiner, WA

September 2016 – Dental
I am a very nervous dental patient but the dentists and nurses were very reassuring and patient with me. They prescribed sleeping tablets to take before a couple of my more complicated appointments which helped. In addition, the staff throughout the hospital and at reception were always welcoming, friendly and helpful. The equipment and facilities were extremely clean and tidy and I didn’t have any concerns about inflection. Overall a very positive experience.
Anthony, Melbourne

July 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery
The hospital was first class and all the staff were friendly, caring and very helpful. I am completely satisfied with the Doctor that treated me. The surgeon has a very gentle and caring nature and was very reassuring before and after surgery. The whole experience more than met my expectations, it was world class. I believe that My Body & Spirit has done a wonderful job. My transfers, accommodation, appointments and surgery appeared to run like clockwork. I believe that Barb did a wonderful job. Escorting us all to and from our appointments, she visited me while I was in hospital (It was a welcome smile to my day), and she organised shows and tours on our behalf as requested. Once most of us had finished our procedures she organised day and night trips as a group places I wouldn’t have ever know existed. I know it is hard to accommodate to so many tastes, and Barb did a brilliant job.
Elissa C, Forest Hill

July 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I have just returned from my first dental treatment experience in Phuket. My Trip was organised by the My Body & Spirit Team who were exceptional. Generally I cannot attend a dentist even for teeth cleaning without coming home and being on panadol for a week due to my mouth throbbing. I just couldn’t believe the difference in Phuket. I had my teeth cleaned, whitened, three lots of bridges, root canals and crowns, and all without pain and I mean no pain at all. The dental clinic staff are nothing short of fabulous and the standard of the dental clinic in terms of hygiene, presentation and the standards is extraordinary. I would not hesitate to recommend the dental hospital in Phuket.
Suzanne L, Gippsland

July 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I would highly recommend ‘My Body & Spirit’ to anyone who is thinking of having major dental work done, my experience with them was great, they organise everything for you and make you feel very comfortable. They are great.
Kathy B

June 2016- Dental
I went to Phuket for dental treatment. Going through My Body & Spirit made everything so much easier. Having someone else book the appointments was the best way to go.
Alison M

April 2016- Dental
Barb at My Body & Spirit, was amazing. Her knowledge and attention to detail was superb. She made the whole experience seamless, and Gail and I would be more than happy to pass on our experience. From the suggested accommodation, transport  to and from the hospital, the dental doctor, nurses and staff were just fantastic.
Eddie and Gail, Gold Coast

April 2016- Dental
I needed to have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. In Australia this was going to be costly so I started to look for other options. I was in quite a bit of pain and needed them out ASAP. After finding My Body and Spirit I knew I had found my solution. My whole trip was organised through email, yet I still felt like I was getting the personal touch. Although offered to go with the group, who were there the same time as me, I opted to go it alone with my partner. We were picked up from the airport, no waiting around, and the next day there was an organised car to take us to the hospital. The whole procedure took around an hour and half. I was so impressed how quickly it actually took; But even more impressed with how long my healing took. Within three days my face swelling had gone down and by the end of the week my pain had pretty much all gone and I was back to eating all the normal foods. I could not recommend My Body and Spirit more! Everything was taken care of from the moment we landed in Phuket!
Joanne R, Cranbourne East

April 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I am more than happy to recommend My Body & Spirit and Noosa Travel for their professional organisation of the medical and cosmetic tours to Phuket, Thailand. The hospital in Phuket, was very clean and professional; efficient and skilled professional staff and support teams. I am more than happy with my medical dental work creating also a bonus of a new smile.
Tina S, Maryborough

April 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
I have just come back from a trip to Phuket to have some dental work. The whole experience was really positive. Barb and John had everything organised well in relation to dental appointments and social events. The dental hospital was fantastic and well run with great staff and my dental work is great. We also had a great group of people to socialise with.
Lisa F, Bli Bli

April 2016 – Escorted Group Departure – Eye Surgery
I have made three group trips to Phuket through My Body and Spirit and I have been very satisfied with their management of the travel and accommodation arrangements. The hospital is very modern and clean and the standard of care is very professional.
Nicole A, Noosa

January 2016- Dental 
The arrangements and organization by My Body & Spirit for my dental treatment was excellent, their follow up on all queries answered and their recommendations proved helpful. I would recommend their services.
Sandra S, NSW

January 2016 – Dental
I was very happy with the corrective & cosmetic dental treatment provided by Dr. Pichet at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket.
Edward H, Noosa

November 2015 – Dental
Barb and all the team were great from the very beginning – I appreciate everything that was organized and everything came together like clockwork – seeing as all our communication was done via emails or phone calls.

Phuket is a wonderful destination and I genuinely would love to be able to go back to visit tomorrow – Beautiful place.

All of my appointments were on time and my dentist even rescheduled my length of appointments to get all the work done before scheduled time which allowed my partner and I to experience more and sight see within Phuket.
The hospital was very professional, clean, friendly, dedicated and client focused.

I have already told a lot of people about my trip and have pointed them in the direction of My Body & Spirit and Noosa Travel.
Michael G.

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
If you have been reading the testimonials as I had done before contacting Barb you would have noticed a lot of people saying ”Beyond all expectations”.

I have  just returned from having been on the October tour and now know why I was constantly reading this.

I needed major dental work and was very apprehensive to take the next step, from the time we first spoke to Barb we were immediately put at ease and the trip was booked!


The doctors and staff are second to none and the work performed was fast and very efficient and very professional and your comfort and care is of  number one importance.

I walked out of  the Phuket hospital a new person with a totally new lease on life smiling for the first time in forty years, wow what a game changer to finally be able to smile!

To top this all off,  Barb’s team have all bases covered all I had to do was get to the lobby to get the taxi to the hospital, everything was organised for me.

The group tour was sensational I met some really amazing people from all walks of life undergoing similar treatment  who really made the trip for me.

Our group leader was fantastic and went over and beyond for all on the trip. I, despite having major dental work had a fantastic holiday also visiting various islands, zip lining, evenings out and this also was organized for us by our group leader.

The total cost was of major importance and for the work I had done compared to having the work done in Australia I paid only a small portion of what it would have cost and with a holiday on top. The end result  for me, 100% satisfied! Do yourself a favour and pick up the phone and make that call!!
Damo, Mareeba FNQ

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Plastic Surgery
My Body & Spirit’s years of experience was obvious from the start providing an excellent and knowledgeable service, but done with a one on one personal touch.
Lesley, Sunshine Coast

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
Joined the October group 2015 and didn’t think it would be as good as it was. The hospital was fantastic and the staff and doctors were great.

The location of the hotel was excellent as was the whole trip. Exceeded all the expectations I had. Onya Rae!
T Flynn, Bowen 

October 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental
My experience with My Body & Spirit was above and beyond my expectations. I decided to go ahead with the treatment following my initial consultation with Barbara because she was so knowledgeable about the treatment and she took the stress out of the decision making process. Every detail of my trip and treatment was taken care of, all I had to do was show up at the airport. The dental team were extremely professional and the treatment I received was of the highest standard. I cannot recommend Barbara and her team highly enough.
Ann – Ballina

July 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Facial surgery
There is no way i would travel overseas and have surgery on my own. Being with the group made it a great experience because you could discuss what others experienced and you realised that was part of the healing or process or service. You did not feel alone and you could share your experience with others.

Cyn NSW.

July 2015 – Escorted Group Departure – Dental

I had a double bridge and a few root canals also 2 1st stage implants done and am thrilled with the results. The dentists are the best I’ve ever seen. I am definitely returning.
R. Scott Regency Downs Qld.