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40% of the cheapest option in Australia

Following implant quotes from dentists in Australia I explored the idea of completing this work in Thailand. This was shared with my family, all of whom I must say were totally against. They had all heard the horror stories as did I when Current Affair had nothing else to report. Everyone knows who knows somebody who had received poor treatment. Even my doctor expressed concern. Strangely this made me more determined. Yet I cruised the websites for dentists mind boggling. So many sites and so many reviews. Then one day I found the website of My Body & Spirit, an Australian Company advertising dental holidays. I introduced myself via email and continued to converse over a number of months. Steps were to be followed then later quotes provided by 3 recommended dentists, 2 in Thailand & 1 in Vietnam. Quotes were not a major consideration for me but the recommendation to go to Vietnam with an open mind & not knowing what to expect. Met at the airport by a truly wonderful member of Dr Hung's staff for my trip to the motel was certainly a good start. The following morning I was picked up at the motel conveyed to the dentist's premises. A tour of their 10 story facility followed then scans, blood tests and then a number of procedures were put forward with quotes. All well explained. All so easy. The clinic is all in house. Nothing is contracted out. I completed the first stage of my implants. Cost including travel and accommodation is approx. 40% of the cheapest option in Australia. People, culture, things to see with food and it's pricing just superb. My Body & Spirit provided a list of dos and don'ts prior to my leaving. Did all the dos but didn't follow the other to the letter. Next time I will. Great Experience. Can't wait for my return.
- Pat H, Sydney - June 2018, Dental

A converted Dental Phobic

I was impressed with the professionalism and technology of Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Clinic and would recommend them to anyone who is looking at rebuilding their smile and confidence. As a previous Dental Phobic, I am now able to sit and take whatever they can give with very little stress and no pain. I took my music and headphones and turned it up full blast to cover the "sounds" so I did not "lose it" and it worked perfectly. The team were caring and made sure that I was comfortable and pain [free], holding my hands, and making sure I was very much pain free at all times. I really can't believe I actually did it again next year. I will say it was not always comfortable, but it was pain free, and any discomfort was always managed well.
- Amanda K, Brisbane - June 2018, Dental 

Compelled to Review & Recommend

I don't usually review or recommend on social media but I feel compelled to because of how amazing my experience has been. I would like to personally thank My Body & Spirit for organising everything to the finest detail; flights, accommodation & hospital transfers. Rhi was constantly calling to check in before flying out to make sure we had the correct documents. Looking back I understand why and I am so thankful for her help with keeping me on track and reassuring me that I was making the right decision. The Bangkok Hospital in Phuket was so lovely. Dr. Pichet, his dental nurse and all the staff were consistently accommodating to our needs or any concerns we may have had about the treatment. I had plenty of time to explore and enjoy Phuket whilst having my dentist appointments. Thanks to My Body & Spirit and the Bangkok Hospital I now have the smile I have always wanted and got an amazing holiday out of it. I would recommend going through My Body & Spirit to anyone that may be considering dental work in Thailand.
- Krystyn B, WA - June 2018, Dental

Bonus - I lost my dental anxiety

If you are thinking of going overseas for dental treatment I would recommend My Body & Spirit dental holiday in Thailand. I needed dental treatment and decided to go overseas but I did not know how to go about organising it, especially finding dental professionals. Body & Spirit arranged absolutely everything including dental plans before the trip so I knew what work would be done. The dental team in Bangkok Hospital, Phuket were all amazing – professional, caring and informative at every visit telling me what they were doing. I was very satisfied with the work I had done and as a bonus I lost the anxiety I had developed of dental visits. Going to Thailand as part of a group means you have the company of others who are also there for treatment and so can share stories over the wonderful meals. If you want your own space you can enjoy being idle or explore Phuket. Thailand is a very friendly, relaxing place to be and definitely where I will be going for any dental work. Barbara does a fantastic job looking after everyone.
- Patricia, Brisbane - July 2018 - Escorted Group Departure, Dental

My Body & Spirit were amazing!

My Body & Spirit were amazing. I had a tooth break and they got me to Thailand earlier than I could get in locally. They were professional and when I had a problem, they fixed it. Will use them in the future and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my family. Thanks Rhi and team!
- Katy, QLD - September 2018, Dental 

I Highly Recommend This Business

The team of My Body & Spirit couldn’t have made this experience easier. Not only did Barb, John and the team organise flights & accommodation, every dental appointment was made on my behalf after discussions with the hospital’s dental team. I gained comfort from Barb’s understanding of the system and dentistry without being a dentist! Barb and John made participants welcome and went above and beyond in my opinion, by ensuring you had a good holiday as well. I highly recommend this business and feel extremely comfortable in suggesting you can have faith in the hospital team that they’ve investigated and researched to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Before I close, I’ve got a question for you… how many times a day is it appropriate to look in the mirror at your new teeth?
- Kellie M, Victoria - October 2018, Dental

Exemplary Experience All Round

I can highly recommend ‘My Body & Spirit’ if you are considering any dental procedure. The before, during and after attention given by Barb and her team is exceptional, and the professional and caring dental personnel at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital were exemplary. I couldn’t be happier with the experience or the results.
- Louise S, Barossa - October 2018, Dental

Positively Over The Moon

I put off getting my dental work done for nearly 2 years for the fear of the unknown, and it was 2 years wasted. Having just spent 2 weeks in Phuket having some serious dental procedures done, I can now proudly smile for photos instead of hiding my teeth behind a grin. I am positively over the moon with the finished work. The hospital is, in my eyes, world class. The doctors were excellent and understanding to my needs and all the other staff were extremely friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend Barbara and her team at My Body & Spirit if you are intending having any procedure done.
- Garry Y, Brisbane - October 2018, Dental

Staff Were Beautiful, Caring & Helpful

I was extremely pleased with my dental trip to Phuket. I had not been to the dentist for a long time and was recommended to contact My Body & Spirit by a friend who has used the services. I was a little worried about the Dental thing but on arrival was made to feel very welcome and reassured by the staff. I had a pain free experience and the staff at the hospital were just beautiful, caring and so helpful. We stayed at Karon Beach Horizon Resort & Spa and really enjoyed our stay. Again, the resort was lovely and comfortable and the staff were just “THE BEST” nothing was a bother to them at all. Rooms were comfortable and well appointed.
- Helen T - October 2018, Dental

Perfection Aimed & Achieved

My friend used the services of My Body & Spirit to correct his front teeth. After seeing his result and hearing the praise of his dentist back here in Australia, I decided it was time and booked to have my teeth fixed. Upon arrival I had a consultation with the dentist and we agreed on the course of action. The dentist and her assistant worked swiftly and efficiently to complete a huge amount of work in just a few days. Perfection was what the dentist was aiming for and perfection was what was achieved! Everything went seamlessly thanks to the whole team, including the girls in reception who coordinated all the behind the scenes activity. All I had to do was be ready for pick up at the appointed time and sit in the seat. A huge thanks to all concerned.
- Deric C - December 2018, Dental

Just Stop Thinking & Make Your Booking

Our trip to Phuket was so enjoyable even though we went to have dental work done. The hospital staff were kind and considerate and very professional, the hospital is everything and more that you would expect in Australia. Barb and John looked after us magnificently…we received so much more than we expected in care and in hospitality …Barb arranged for us to go to different places to eat and to tour and was checking on our progress each day. Almost forgot that the prime reason for our trip was dental! We would definitely recommend if you are thinking of going…just stop thinking and make your booking…
- Pamela M - January 2019, Dental

The final product is excellent!

After a small hiccup at the airport things proceeded smoothly. 7 day turn around for 25 crowns. I won’t say it was an enjoyable experience but the speed which the work completed and significant cost savings certainly a major bonus. The dentist who performed the work was very competent and concerned with my welfare, the staff were lovely. The cleanliness of the facility did not raise any concerns on my part. The final product is excellent. I am writing this 10 days after fitting and the only issue I have at the moment is a filling done by an Australian dentist performed two months ago. Makes me wonder how long it will be until Australians start training in Asia. Overall a good trip.
- Steve P - January 2019, Dental

What a Group!

Far exceeded my expectations. Barbara is so organised and on the ball for the medical treatments and also knows where to go for a fun night out. Our group ranged from 30's to late 60's and we all ended up good mates with good teeth and great memories! Plastic surgery was easy and looks great too. Highly recommended.
- Jeff Salter

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